Tod and Lisa’s Year of Adventure

Life on the Road to Central America

Welcome July 3, 2007

Camp above one of our favorite spots; The City of Rocks, Idaho

Welcome to our blog!

How to Enjoy this Blog! (i.e. User Friendly Instructions – better than something Microsoft could come up with)

Look in the upper right hand corner – each of those is a separate page you can read if you want. It tells a little about the why of the trip, the mission, etc. These are important to give you the feel for the trip and who we are.

See side bar on the right side:

  1. FIRST, IF YOU HAVEN’T DONE SO and like this blog at all, SIGN UP FOR THE EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS…then, whenever we post you’ll get an email letting you know to visit the blog.
  2. See the calendar on the right?…If a day is highlighted, you can click on it to read the posts that are there…those are the chronological posts from our journey where you can follow along.
  3. Under the calendar you’ll see Posts. You can use the drop down menu to look for different pages that we post…they’ll be on different topics like Successes & Failures of our equipment, etc. The posts will also be linked there by country.
  4. Next, we’ll have a series of little entries letting you know what we’re doing day to day – like what we’re eating, reading, playing, etc.
  5. Lastly, you’ll see Blogroll which has a link to our Picasa web albums…it has ALL of the photos from the trip (as wel as some from earlier journeys) so you can see them there.

17 Responses to “Welcome”

  1. Martha Gunter Says:


    How exciting to open my mail this morning and find your “blog”.

    This is new to me so I’ll hope this goes through.

    Glad you had the good time with Lisa’s folks.
    Happy 4th!

    Mail is coming now.


  2. Bob Says:

    Hi Tod & Lisa,
    Got your blog note and subscribed just fine. Will be looking forward to sharing your adventures vicariously. It was great seeing you both a few days ago. Take good care and have fun!!
    Uncle Bob

  3. Dave Monroe Says:

    Hi guys! I love the photo. Allison and I are looking forward to seeing you in a few days up in the Methow. I can’t wait to see you guys and Danielle and Andy and Lena! We have a lot of catching up to do.
    Dave & Co.

  4. Nancy & Dave Says:

    Howdy from our little adventure in Hawaii. Bob, Marla, Dave & I are just settling in, getting our scuba gear, retriving the luggage I left at the airport and stopping at Costco.
    It will be fun to track your adventure. 🙂

  5. Jaclyn F Krueger Says:

    Just getting around to looking at emails after “surgery week”. Charles is home and doing ok; he was not expecting that he would be “slowed” by this event (even though I tried to share that from my experiences). Anyway, we are on the road to recovery and you guys are on the road to ADVENTURE! Stay safe and we anticipate many exciting and interesting stories as you begin your journey. Take care, be SAFE. Love Uncle Charles and Aunt Jackie

  6. Danielle Micheletti Says:

    Hi Kids,

    So nice to have you both (and Taku and Allie!) along with the Monroe fam here in the Methow for the weekend. We always enjoy the time we spend with the gang. Hope you have a great time up in Tofino for your 4th anniversary. Take care of your great toe Tod! And Lisa, thanks for all the skin care tips!

    Love you both,

    Danielle, Andrew, Lena and Zeb

  7. Mary A. Crofts Says:

    Dear Tod & Lisa,
    Best of luck from our little family to yours. Have a wonderful adventure and write often. We hope to see you in Panama!

    Kim, Mary, Boo and Diesel

  8. The Zellers Says:

    Hey guys,

    Great site and great photos. You haven’t missed much back home, other than smoke heat and more smoke. I think its gonna be a hot one. Please continue to update us on your adventures and give those pups a hug.
    We’re thinking of you.

  9. Heidi Toomey Says:

    Dear Lisa and Tod,
    So happy to hear from you. Save travels. I amsharing your adventures with Pamela. We just returned from our house in Joseph, OR. We hike in the EagleCap Wilderness and kayak on the lake. It is 104 in Boise and smokey=ugh.
    Going to return as soon as possible to Joseph to go backbacking.
    Have fun.
    Love Heidi and Phil

  10. Kim Says:

    Just wanted to say “Hello” and check this website out. It looks great…way-to-go Tod! Hope you are all doing good and relaxing alittle.
    Miss ya and love ya lots- Kimmy

  11. Sally Hewitt Says:

    I loved seeing the photos of the Spring Creek Resort gang, your children, spouses, and dogs! I always knew you were a special group of people.

    Thanks, Tod and Lisa, for sharing them.


  12. Mouse Says:

    You both sure do look HAPPY! Thats the whole point right? Seems to be working. Glad to see Ol’ Tak hanging in there too. Lily misses Alli something fierce – I do too, someone to tire her out.

    Smiles & Hugs, MC/DC

  13. Mouse Says:

    What the hey? I just lost my first comment! Anyway glad to see those big goofy grins on your faces. Envious . . . . Lily sends her love to Allie – misses her something fierce, that big buddy of hers.

    Smiles & Hugs, MC/DC

  14. Hey you two, love the site and the information that you have posted! I have always wanted to surf Long Island and enjoy the shrimp. Hope all is well and you are safe. Be good!

  15. The Zellers Says:

    Good morning,

    It was so great to hear your voice the other day, sorry we missed you. I hope your foray into Mexico will be safe and fun and we are looking forward to another update. Love to all. The Zellers 3

  16. Melissa and Vance Says:

    Hey guys.
    We have been loving the blog. We wanted to write sooner, but just so happy for you enjoying this adventure. We’ve had some great mini adventures this summer and now I’m already counting the time till my own sabatical! Keep inspiring us. We love you!

    Melissa, Vance and the family

  17. Anne Elliott Says:

    Again, thanks so much for your sharing. The pictures are wonderful.
    If you are near el centro, go to Biz[s?]naga restaurant. The food is great and inexpensive…also lots of salads. The restaurant is about four or five blocks from el centro.

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