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Another New Year January 2, 2011

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Happy New Years once again!

Lisa and I hope that 2011 finds you in good health and cheer.  Winter is deep here this year and I have shoveled more already than I did all of last year.  We’ve spent the holidays quietly; nordic skiing almost everyday, watching movies or reading in front of the fire.  Enjoying the idleness that is often so elusive in our frenetic culture.   I hope your family enjoyed a peaceful holiday season as well.

Lisa's 40th birthday

2010 was a milestone for Lisa as she turned 40 in January.  We celebrated the event at a yurt in the mountains near our home with our friends Matt and Mary.   It was a great night and we followed it up with a weekend of skiing and hot springs soaking in Stanley, Idaho.

Princess Lisa rocks the yurt with her new travel guitar

Springtime found us once again in Cochise Stronghold (near Tombstone, Arizona) enjoying the sunshine and warm rock.  Our friends Steve and Kristen joined us there this year which added to the fun.  This spring break is becoming a tradition that I think we’ll be repeating again this year.

Thawing out in Cochise Stronghold outside Tombstone, AZ

Lisa continues her volunteer work with Chesapeake Bay Retriever Relief and Rescue foundation.  As the only Idaho representative she is frequently involved in saving Chessies from being euthanized and helping to find them homes.

Lisa and Sadie, one of her “rescues”

Another annual event was our camping trip with the Mueller’s in June.   It’s such a treat to get to see the wonder in the eyes of my nephew’s Alex and Stephen as they explore the outdoors.  This year we met in Flaming Gorge on the Green River in northwest Utah.  The heat kept us in the water much of the time but thankfully Brian brought the boat which made that easy.

Floating fun at Flaming Gorge

The rest of the summer involved local hiking and camping as well as another backpacking trip into the Wind Rivers of Wyoming and climbing in the Tetons for me.  I also entered my first trail race which I really enjoyed as it was 25 km of all trail running  up and over the Grey’s River range in Wyoming.  Might even do another this year.

Pointing out an anticipated climb in the Winds

Fall brought my return to work and more local hiking for us and the dogs.  I was honored locally as an Unsung Hero for prevention work with young people which was quite a flattering surprise. We also attended Kim’s wedding (Lisa’s sister) in Seattle which was a great weekend of fun and celebration with family.

Are we there yet? One more long drive for the kids.

The year rounded out with an exciting new addition to our little family. In December we purchased a 1997 Tiger ProVan CX…a truck camper we had been envying ever since seeing our first one in Costa Rica. That means Lisa spent three years researching these rigs and then figuring out how to buy one. They’re quite expensive new and not many are made each year, so these older units are in high demand…within a day of the listing on a special owner’s site there were 10 calls on it. That meant we had to move fast. Lisa took advantage of her ability to fly standby (thanks Kim!) and got to Seattle two days later without even seeing photos!  Bella (our name for her) is a big step up for us: a fully outfitted RV that has 4 wheel drive.  Oh, the places we’ll go!  No big plans as yet but stay tuned.

Bella, our new ride.

In closing, we are grateful for the opportunities we’ve had to enjoy our wonderful landscape here in the Northern Rockies.  As usual, our dreams always seem to be a little bigger than what we can manage to achieve but that should never stop us from dreaming.  We hope that you’ll see some of your dreams fulfilled in this new year.


Tod and Lisa
Bodie, Allie and Josie

Wishing you a new year that's out of this world!


3 Responses to “Another New Year”

  1. Julia Thomas Says:

    Tod & Lisa – I wish you both a wonderful new year and I hope that we can actually find time to get together. We miss you and love you very much!
    Jules, Bruce, and Trevor

  2. Lisa Says:

    Wow! The big four-oh! for the little princess! That is a tiara on your pretty head, no? You both look and sound wonderful! I LOVE the rig – it’s gotta be the best because I KNOW how much you researched those wheels, Lisa. And now you’ve added the saving of Chessies to your long list of accomplishments. Bless you guys, Happy New Year! lots of love, lisa

  3. Sandi Ormsby Says:

    It doesn’t look like you guys are on your blog too often, but I’m looking for other 40 something bloggers (I’m turning 40 next month)…or someone near my age to create a blogging community with…there are SO many blogs.

    I enjoyed looking at your photos! Our family has been travelling more together lately after both of us were laid off, and now hubby has a west coast sales territory. I think we plan to drive to Montana this summer (from Southern CA) as he hasn’t developed his sales there.

    Anyway, I’m hoping to make comments on others blogs and have them visit mine. I’ve dedicated my new blog to basically anything I enjoy, no matter how silly it seems! Anything that makes me smile in the day!

    Feel free to visit/subscribe/comment

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