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Life on the Road to Central America

Misfire! December 30, 2009

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Sorry everyone but I published our Holiday letter a little prematurely last night. I had meant just to save the draft! Anyhow if you go directly to our link ( you should see the post in full.

My apologies and Happy New Years everyone,



2 Responses to “Misfire!”

  1. sally luke Says:

    Tod , Happy New year,I am sorry to hear about your dad. could you email me ? I am becoming a US citizen and I need to remember every time I left the USA for the pat 15 years!
    If you have any journals or photos with dates I know we went to Mexico and have no idea what year it was and for how long .
    I cannot believe I threw out all my calendars
    Love to Lisa

    • todandlisa Says:

      Hey Sally! Happy New Years to you and I hope you’re well.  Congrats on getting your citizenship, I can’t believe they need the specifics on when you were gone.  Actually I can, their job is to make it difficult.  The three  times I can think of are when we went to Baja together, when you went to Nicaragua and I think you had a return trip to England for a family visit at one point.  I can see what I can find about dates but do you need actual proof?  That could be hard.  I’ll check this week and get back with you.Take care, Tod

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